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Mission & Humanitarian Travel Packages

When you engage in a Mission & Humanitarian Travel, we become an extension of your mission. Our attention to detail and commitment to personable client relations assures your trip planning will be a rewarding experience.

Our vast portfolio of flexible airfares, suite of products and caring services are designed to meet the unique needs of humanitarian, faith-based, and group travel. Our team’s credibility as the industry expert provides leverage when negotiating special fares and the flexible conditions you require. In addition, our pricing is incredibly competitive allowing your funds to be expended towards the goals of your mission project.

Our team works within your travel requirements to fulfill your needs allowing you to focus on the importance of your project. We are passionate about humanitarian work and the people who spread hope.

Faith Based Travel Package

Faith-based Travel

Our team understands the unique needs of mission trip planning and will guide you every step of the way

Flexibility, fee sensitivity, extended purchase timeframe, and multiple faring options are some of the most essential requirements. Together, with your dedicated expert, you will be better equipped to analyze all travel options allowing you to make an informed decision that perfectly meets your needs.

Humanitarian Travel Package

Humanitarian Travel

Whether you are a volunteer or humanitarian aid worker we help you overcome the complexities of international travel planning.

Our team provides the expert advice you need and delivers safe, reliable and efficient travel solutions to reach the world’s most remote destinations. Giving you time to focus on your objectives – making a difference where it is needed most. Your mission is our passion.

Group el Package

Group Travel

Our team understands the complexities of group travel coordination.

Our travel experts will navigate the cumbersome details and deadlines on your behalf. From pricing, to seat assignments, to baggage and deviations; our vast experience continues to be evident. We commit ourselves to being an extension of your team providing you with peace of mind throughout the planning process. Discover the difference.

Visa Travel Packages

Visa Services

Whether you are a volunteer or humanitarian aid worker we help you overcome the complexities of international travel planning.

We work in partnership with CIBT visas, the global leader in travel visas and U.S. passport services. The process is fast, easy, and secure. Click on the online portal (embedded link: for ease of checking requirements and starting your application.

Why Choose DestinationPick

DestinationPick stands out as your premier choice for travel management due to several key reasons:

  1. Personalized Service: We prioritize personalized service, ensuring that every aspect of your travel experience is tailored to your needs and preferences.
  2. Global Partnerships: With extensive partnerships worldwide, including international airlines, hotels, and tour operators, we offer unparalleled access to exclusive deals and promotions.
  3. Expertise and Experience: Backed by over two decades of combined experience in the travel industry, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-quality travel solutions.
  4. Innovative Solutions: We pride ourselves on offering innovative and versatile travel solutions that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring each journey is unique and memorable.
  5. Round-the-Clock Support: Our dedicated support team is available 24/7, providing continuous assistance and ensuring a seamless travel experience from start to finish.
  6. One-Stop-Shop: Whether for business or leisure travel, DestinationPick serves as your comprehensive platform for all travel needs, from flights and accommodations to tours and travel insurance.
  7. Passion for Excellence: We are passionate about exceeding your expectations, committed to making every journey with DestinationPick exceptional and unforgettable.

Choose DestinationPick for your next adventure and experience the difference in travel excellence.