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India's landscapes are as fantastically varied as its cultural traditions. From the snow-dusted peaks of the Himalaya to the sun-splashed beaches of the tropical south, the country has a bounty of outdoor attractions. You can scout for big jungle cats on scenic wildlife safaris, paddle in the shimmering waters of coastal retreats, take blood-pumping treks high in the mountains, or simply inhale pine-scented air on meditative forest walks. Among all these natural treasures is a wealth of architectural gems, from serene temples rising out of pancake-flat plains to crumbling forts peering over plunging ravines.

No other land in this world can be as diverse as India is. With numerous cultures, ethnicities, food palates, landscapes, languages and local traditions, there are enough choices to opt from when you are looking for your destination wedding in India. You may wish to host a Royal Indian Wedding or a Mountain Wedding or a comfort fun filled Beach Wedding, the landscape of India has all that and beyond to offer.

Best Resorts For Weddings In India


Jaipur is also popularly known as the Pink City. Historic and lavish palaces, exotic forts and heritage structures has attracted some of the best weddings from affluent families within India and International celebrities alike. With rich heritage and high hospitality quotient there is no doubt that you and your guests will be treated as royalty.

Jaipur Wedding Resorts
Udaipur Wedding Ceremony


Pleasant weather, great food, world class hotels and a cusp between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has become a new favourite amongst those looking for a destination wedding. While the day is perfect for events and city tours, the evenings are known for its concept restaurants and nightlife. Your guests would most definitely want to extend their trip beyond the wedding week to explore this city.Castles, palaces, lakes and absolute luxury – this is what Udaipur truly is. Udaipur is also known as ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’ but it truly is the most passionate oasis in India. Udaipur lies in the shadows of the Aravalli Mountains. The geography of the area makes the visitor feel they are at a Hill Station offering the greenery and charm of an old Heritage City. Some of the finest hotels in the country are situated here ready to host your fairy tale wedding.


Invite your guests to experience the unique tranquillity and elegance of Bodrum. At the BaHistory meets the beauty of a desert. For a truly opulent and unique wedding in India, choose the luxury of Jaisalmer’s 5- star fort hotels. Set within the vast Thar Desert, it presents an escape from everyday life. From fine dining to elegant décor, it blends the beauty of the past with all the modern conveniences with inspired gardens, elegant courtyards, and picturesque lakes throughout the region.

Jodhpur Wedding Hotels
Goa Beach Wedding


Goa is divided into two zones, North Goa and South Goa. Each has something different to offer to avid travellers or wedding celebrants. While North Goa is known for its vibrant lounges, nightlife and modern restaurants, in contrast, South Goa is known for its perfect blend of blue skies, lush greens and deep waters. It definitely tops the list when it comes to beach weddings.


Envision breath-taking Sahyadri mountains as the backdrop with awe-inspiring green-scapes in abundance that play out a scenic welcome for you and your guests. ‘The Love of Life’ is the all-encompassing purpose at Aamby Valley City that you would experience in every moment throughout your stay. In the company of family and friends during the celebrations at your destination wedding, it’s like living the dream, only with your eyes open.

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